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Decorative Plumbing + Hardware Association

Welcome to DPHA University

DPHA University offers the nation's only modular-based education program dedicated to showroom staff and others involved in the specification and sale of Decorative Plumbing and Hardware products. This program combines explanations of the technical and performance superiority of products featured in decorative plumbing and hardware showrooms with guidance to improve sales skills.

DPHA University is designed to:
  • Create an avenue for DPHA industry professionals to continue to hone their craft
  • Recognize individuals that continue to expand their knowledge of our industry
  • Recognize companies that promote continuing education for their employees
  • Promote recognized professionals & their companies throughout the industry 
Courses are available to members enrolled in DPHA University.  Enrollment is $150 per associate per calendar year and is open to all DPHA members.  Click here to enroll.*


Our courses are broken into three categories: Bathroom & Kitchen, Hardware, and General Knowledge.  Each category contains several courses that correspond with DPHA's Education Manuals.  In this first phase of DPHA University, you will find each of the 22 manuals, followed by the course assessment.   At the completion of category, you will receive a certificate.  Once all categories and courses are completed, you will receive a graduate badge that will also be added to your profile on  In phase two, which is expected to roll out in early 2023, the manuals will be broken into micro-learning modules with assessments at the end of each module.

*All participants must have a login to our website to access the program. If the participant does not currently have a login to the website, their manager can create one here. Managers, if you do not see the ability to add staff through the above link, please reach out to DPHA Staff.