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Door Hinges

In this course you will learn:
The front entry door is the hood ornament to the home. It conveys a message and serves as a harbinger of images, character and style that await inside. This chapter focuses on door hinges. Hinges are one of the most active components of a door.
If the hinge does not operate properly, all the other hardware, including the locking mechanism, may fail to work properly.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, participants will be able to understand:
  • Hinge and door terminology
  • Hinge classification and styles
  • Door handing techniques
  • Types and functions of hinges
  • Hinge swage

A score of at least 90% is required to pass, and questions are selected from a pool and will show in random order. Participants may retake the test until they pass, and the questions will pull from the pool in random order with each retake.

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Each module within this chapter will feature pages from our education manual, as well as an assessment to test the knowledge that you have acquired. Our education manuals can be found here.