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Fentanyl: A Poisoning and Anesthetizing of Our Nation

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Fentanyl: A Poisoning and Anesthetizing of Our Nation looks at the opioid crisis from several angles. It begins by defining Fentanyl's key characteristics of potency, drug class, and origins through a scientific lens. Then, you'll hear a real-life story about a person affected by Fentanyl addiction. Political and criminal justice matters such as illicit trafficking and manufacturing are brought to light. Finally, harm reduction methods are presented as a possible response to the exponential increase in Fentanyl related deaths happening all over the United States.

Goal: To inform the audience of the dangers of Fentanyl and educate them on harm reduction strategies.

Title: Fentanyl: A Poisoning and Anesthetizing of Our Nation Learning Objectives:

  • Have a general understanding about what Fentanyl is and is not
  • Be able to explain to others the dangers of Fentanyl
  • Feel comfortable describing harm reduction and using NARCANĀ© Nasal Spray
  • Have a general understanding of overdose prevention


  • Amanda Hammack, LPC-S

    Amanda Hammack is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and currently serving as the Director of Substance Abuse Services for CREOKS Health Services. She has holds a Master of Science in Psychological Services and additional graduate credit in substance abuse specific education. She has over 10 years of experience working directly with individuals with substance use disorders. Additionally, she has experience working directly with physicians, nurses, peer support, and other direct care staff as a part of a Medication Assisted Treatment Team.

January 26, 2024
Fri 9:00 AM CST

Duration 3H 0M

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