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Mindfulness: A Tool for Psychotherapy and Treatment

This virtual workshop will help counselors in the practice of mindfulness using basic relaxation, directed attention with the relaxed mind, directed attention to the content of the mind, and Metta meditation.
Participants will learn how to use mindfulness as a tool in psychotherapy and recovery practice and how the neuro-biology of mindfulness help clients deal with the Default mode aspect of self-thought, and to manage stress, urges, and develop new pathways to living and thinking.

Training objectives:
1.Learn at least four techniques of mindfulness and the purpose each serves in counseling.

2.Learn how the Default mode of the self is developed and how it creates suffering and how Mindfulness can help observe this mode of operation and develop new neuropathways to healthier thinking and behaving.

3.Learn how to use mindfulness with clients in recovery and how to develop a sense of compassion for suffering of self and others.

4.Practice mindful awareness techniques.