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Economic and Warfighter Impacts from USAF CRADAs

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This one-hour webinar presents the perfect opportunity for you to understand and discuss the Warfighter and Economic Impacts of USAF CRADAs. The webinar is based on TechLink’s first-ever USAF CRADA Economic Impact Review (EIR) of 1,263 CRADAs issued between 2000-2020. TechLink’s EIR found $4.3 billion in transition sales, $10.7 billion in commercial sales, $31.3 billion in total economic impact, and that the 1,263 CRADAs supported approximately 139,000 jobs over the 21-year period. The panel will focus on the practical impacts that CRADAs have had on the USAF, the U.S. Warfighter, the U.S. economy, and DoD's Defense Mission.