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The Metaverse and Intellectual Property: From Snow Crash to Meta Cash?


The coming Metaverse offers a pandora’s box of opportunities for marketers in this new world. Large and small companies and corporations are staking out their claims in this new terrain, establishing commercial beach heads in the upcoming struggle in this domain. Intense patenting and trademarking efforts are now being made to obtain exclusivities in this abstract realm. Copyright and other issues are also involved. Facebook, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and many others are patenting, and countless brand companies are advertising their wares in this new marketplace. Mr. Ray Van Dyke will overview the current efforts to colonize and control this New World.

Raymond Van Dyke is an intellectual property practitioner and educator in Washington, DC. He is the Chair of the Washington, DC Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and Senior Vice President for Special Events for LES, a Fellow of the American Intellectual Property law Association (AIPLA), Chair of the IP Section of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland, and active in other legal organizations; professor and lecturer across the world. Mr. Van Dyke started his own consultancy in 2010 to serve his local and global clientele. He is a frequent speaker at the University of Maryland, George Mason, and other universities.

Goal: Discuss the Metaverse in the form of Intellectual Property challenges in terms of patenting, trademarking and copyright and opportunities for marketers in this New World.
Objective: To provide an overview the current efforts to colonize and control this New World.
Career Pathways:
Intellectual Property, Agreements, Marketing