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FLC Business

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FLC Business Webinar
Estimated Course Completion Time: 45 minutes
Course Description
The FLC is excited to present the new and improved FLC Business. Register for this informative webinar as FLC Business Associate, Walter Neira, will walk you through the platform so that you can conduct your searches efficiently and effectively. Learn the purpose of FLC Business, who are the main users, and terminology definitions for better searchers.

Learning Outcomes
  • 1. A walk through its main features:
    • Search terms
    • Searching results with tags
    • Browsing categories
    • Searching portfolios
    2. An explanation of the data:
    • APIs
    • Manual upload
    • Discussing backend features
    3. And notable and upcoming features:
    • Impexium SSO
    • Advanced search (Boolean search, multi-keyword)
    • Impexium automation (Contact information)