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An Inside Look: Sustainability in the E.U.

Join Food Export and David Green of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance (USSA) as we discuss recent developments in Sustainability practices in Europe.
  • Sustainability: a global challenge
  • The U.S. Sustainability Alliance
  • The EU is the driver & aims to be the global rule setter
  • Geo-political concerns
  • Policies & ambitions
  • Trends
  • Survey of EU views & opinions
  • Meeting the challenge, finding opportunities
The Russian invasion of Ukraine and one of the driest summers on record has severely impacted food and agricultural production across Europe. Nevertheless, the EU continues to push its green ambitions and agendas following the adoption of its Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategies and sustainability remains a mantra of faith for the European Commission. While consumers look at rising food costs, the underlying demands for sustainably produced foods remains evident among many retailers. The webinar will outline the forces driving the EU’s objective to be the setter of global sustainability standards. Topics will cover snapshot research on marketing trends, and anticipated policies and standards covering packaging, eco-labeling and how best to meet customer expectations and requirements.