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Developing Cultural Awareness

As exporters cross national boundaries, they are confronted with a myriad of differences ranging from from differences in regulations, legal and political systems, and cultural differences. In this webinar I look at the importance of cultural differences in shaping exporter success in overseas markets. Culture is elusive and it is not often that we think about it but it is influential in shaping business success. Different cultures have different ways of communicating, dealing with time, thinking, and/or making decisions among others. For example, the Dutch are very direct in their communicative style whereas the British are much more indirect. Brazilians are less sensitive to time whereas Americans are much more so. Japanese are very relationship focused compared to their North American counterparts. Members of each culture think that their culture is superior in some ways and this makes it harder for them to engage in effective adaptation. Cultural adaptation and adjustment are an important ingredient in shaping success in international markets. In this webinar we explore the essence of culture and the manner in which it shapes cross national business interactions.