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Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Exporting Food Products

The first webinar dove into the top international markets for Barbeque products, including sauces, rubs, and fuels. It also presented an introduction into what international buyers of Barbeque products expect from U.S. suppliers – including understanding the Harmonized System (HS), where to find market research, and much more.

This second part in the series will open the focus up to all value-added agriculture products in addition to Barbeque products. Export Counselor Dennis Lynch will continue the topics of where to find export information, export documentation, international freight forwarders, export pricing, and more. This webinar will also have a guest speaker: a small business who is currently exporting their products will share their experience getting into exporting, and ask Dennis questions which will be relevant to other attendees. A Q&A session for all attendees will be included at the end of the session.