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Navigating the New Export Essentials Online Training Modules

Exporting value added food products is a wholistic process which we refer to as "From Connection to Collection". It can be hard to figure out but believe it or not there is a place to start and there are specific steps to follow in order to enhance your opportunity through both confidence and competence. Food Export has captured them with a prototypical personality, company and product line learning about “The Business of Details” in proper order. In these modules will help you in growing your business, acquire resources and assistance, research and targeting export markets, and learn how to begin promoting, quoting, pricing, export shipping and getting paid.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Why You Can't "Sell It, Ship It, Get Paid For It" Like You Do Here
  • The Chronological Approach - "From Connection to Collection"
  • Companion Guides versus Interactive Modules
  • Module by Module Review
  • Move Up, Back, Save Your Spot - Access Anywhere at Anytime
  • Using Links and Buttons
  • Testing your Knowledge