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Compliance Counts: Navigating Food Export Regulations

In the food business, regulations are often entirely different than other industries. Understanding the "Regs” is one of the most common questions asked by food exporting companies. They may at first seem complex & intangible, especially when there are a number of cooperative agencies & occasional overlaps between them. We live in a changing world and food export regulations, and their online locations, often change as well. Join us as we survey the food export regulation landscape and point out the recent changes to resources and documents. Topics include:

  • Export Regulations That Apply to All Industries
  • The Source of Confusion: I need a “Health Certificate”
  • The New FDA Certificates to a Foreign Government and of Exportability
  • The Very Important Role of Importer
  • “Click through” Websites for Navigation
  • Summary Advice & Conclusions
  • Q&A Session with presenter