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"Top 10" Food Exporter Mistakes

This webinar discusses the most common challenges and pitfalls that small and medium sized food exporters face. Based on years spent by the presenter diagnosing exporter errors and omissions, this webinar will outline what not to do as well as provide solutions to avoid simple yet costly errors in developing export business. Included in the presentation will be:

  • Most common feedback from buyers on their choice of partners
  • Exporting food products: Easy, difficult or both?
  • Avoiding misinformation & the rumor mill
  • How exporting food is often a passionless process
  • Culture's consequences “software of the mind”
  • From the trade show booth to the penalty box
  • The curse of using "FOB" by itself
  • The importance of being a "balanced" exporter
  • Export Do’s and Don’ts”
Q&A Session with presenter