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From "AES to WTO": a Food Exporter's Guide to Trade Terminology

Most export glossaries are not “food focused” and those few that are can be rather generic. Drilling down a little more we can arrive at an “Export Essential” glossary of terms. Not all of them apply to each type of product or transaction, however recognizing them as required or not helps save time and appreciate the overall processes and procedures and assist with meeting foreign buyer expectation.
Topics include:

  • From the Government: What are AMS, APHIS, ATO, APHIS, FAS, and FSIS, NOAA and TTB?
  • How about CERTS, Fairs, GAIN and GATS, 3CE Schedule B and UTO?
  • Your “Incoterminolgy” EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP
  • Documents: EEI, AES, SLI, CO, COFS, Proforma
  • Trade Agreements: De Minimis, ROO, FTA, TPA, USMCA, USJTA, KORUS, CAFTA-DR
  • Duties & Taxes: Ad Valorem, HS, HTS, FTA, MFN, ROO, TRQ, VAT, WTO
  • Logistics: NVOCC, Consol, LCL, FCL, Density, Dims, Routed
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