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"Licensing Process Ensures Efficiency, Promoting Increased Providers in Nevada"

Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

Contact: Sandra Reed, MPA, Executive Director,

Nevada is one of many states seeing a shortage of providers. One way to address this issue is to ensure the license application process is effective and efficient. The Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine is proud of its efficient and effective licensing process:

1) The Board meets monthly, except for July, to approve applications for licenses. Qualified applicants may be licensed by endorsement via the Board President and Executive Director, which eliminates passing full Board approval. Licensing by endorsement is tracked by fiscal year (July-June) as follows: 2017-2018 = 24%; 2018-2019 = 18%; and, 2019-2020 (through to April) = 10%.

2) On January 1, 2020, the Board implemented regulations to reduce most licensing fees by $100, and revised certain application requirements to speed up the licensing process. The regulations were approved by the state’s Legislative Commission.

3) The Board’s staff practices a hands-on approach with license applicants to efficiently ensure appropriate documents are received before applications are brought to the Board for approval. The individual attention spent with each applicant eases the strain of the licensure process.

4) Typical turn-around time from beginning to end for approving applications is 60-90 days, as indicated in the flow chart on the Board’s Spotlight Poster. Applications with discipline or criminal backgrounds may be delayed.

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