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Digital Marketing for Law Firms Certification

About The Course

Our Digital Marketing Certification Course for Law Firms is the only course on the market that is specifically designed for marketing professionals at law firms. It is a challenging course that prepares legal marketers and lawyers with everything they need to know about succeeding with digital marketing. The course is taught by Guy Alvarez, a former practicing lawyer and founder and CEO of Good2bSocial. Guy brings in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights and strategies that work best for law firms.

Throughout the course, you will take a hands-on approach to learning digital advertising, social media marketing and advertising, web analytics, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), reporting and more. By the end of the course, you will walk away knowing how to implement high-performing integrated marketing plans that address your firm’s goals and deliver on key metrics.

Watch Session #1: Introduction to Digital Marketing for Free. You must create a username and be logged in to access.

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop social media campaigns that generate a meaningful ROI
  • How to create the right content to the right people at the right time
  • How to generate qualified leads through paid search and paid social
  • How to create, test, optimize and report on the performance of email marketing campaigns
  • How to establish analytics benchmarks to draw actionable insights about your digital marketing efforts
  • How to build an SEO strategy that enhances your search visibility and lets your rank highly on search engines
Following the completion of the course, students who graduate will receive a certificate that they can use on their LinkedIn profile. Alumni will also be able to join a private LinkedIn group to share best practices, ideas and continue their learning.


Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
You will begin with an introduction to fundamental concepts of digital marketing, before diving headfirst into strategy. This session takes you through all the basics, helps you explore the buyer’s journey and stays rooted in practice. The goal is always to keep things clear and actionable.  Watch Session #1 for Free. You must create a username and be logged in to access.

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Session 2: Content Marketing
Gain intelligence to fuel your content strategy so that you know how to craft the right content, for the right audience, at the right time. You’ll learn how to develop a content strategy that resonates with your target audience, ways to successfully employ content assets, how to measure results to know what’s working and what’s not, and strategies to drive new leads.

Session 3: Social Media Marketing
Learn how to build an authentic and strong brand on social media. We’ll teach you how to craft a social media strategy for your target audience across all of the leading social media networks. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, build and maintain a following, and extend the reach and engagement of your messages.

Session 4: Social Media Advertising
Learn to leverage paid channels to get your firm’s message to your target demographic. Select the channels that will drive the most impact for your brand, and learn to draft messaging and select ad units that suit your campaign objectives. This course gives marketers the knowledge and skills they need to use LinkedIn Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads most effectively.

Session 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Gain an understanding of search engine algorithms and how they affect organic search results and websites. Building on this knowledge, you’ll learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy, including how to select keywords and perform keyword research and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve website rankings.

Session 6: Search Advertising
Learn bidding strategies, and best practices to create effective advertisements on Google Ads. We’ll dive into the Google Ads interface, talk through real-life examples and actionable tactics to improve click-through rate, lower spend and maximize performance.

Session 7: Email Marketing
Learn how to create, test, optimize and report on the performance of email marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to re-engage your clients using email, learn email copywriting strategies, and understand the rules and regulations that dictate what you send.

Session 8: Measurement & Analytics
Understand how to set key performance indicators to track and monitor success. Then get hands on experience with key tools, including Google Analytics, to better understand your marketing performance.


How advanced is the Digital Marketing Certificate Course?

The course will give you an in-depth overview of essential digital marketing skills to help you get started in SEO, email marketing, organic and paid social, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. While extensive, the course can be considered beginner-friendly.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Good2bSocial’s Digital Marketing for Law Firms Certification was created for those who are new to digital marketing or have experience with one aspect of marketing and are looking to learn new channels and techniques. There are no prerequisites for this course and it’s suitable for those looking to brush up on their digital marketing skills or professionals who want to dive into something brand new.

How will this certificate help me?

It depends on who you are…

If you’re a marketing professional, this certificate can make you more valuable to your firm, which is the surest way to get that raise or promotion you likely already deserve (but don’t have a tangible reason to request).

If you’re a CMO or Director of Marketing, this certification is a great way to learn digital marketing yourself. It’s also a great way to train and certify members of your own team to ensure that they’re up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.

If you’re looking to work for a law firm, this certificate can set you apart from other candidates who merely have a business or marketing degree, but specialized skills that law firms today are desperately seeking.

What digital marketing tools will I learn?

Throughout the course, you will learn to work with tools that help you become a more efficient and effective digital marketer.

You’ll get hands-on experience with LinkedIn Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more, to help you build a cohesive paid or organic campaign.

What is required to receive my certification?

In order to receive your certificate, you need to watch all course videos, complete written assignments and 10-minute multiple choice quizzes. You will also need to complete the course survey.