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Recording - Evaluation of Teledentistry Programs in the Pre- and Post- COVID-19 Era

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Emerging technology has enabled movement toward embracing technology to enhance provision of health care and improve patient outcomes. Telehealth and teledentistry are part of this evolution toward embracing technology in healthcare. The wide-spread closure of dental offices during the early months of the COVID-19 led many providers to utilize teledentistry to address urgent care and provide guidance to those needing more routine care. Despite this acceleration of teledentistry during the pandemic, many regulations allowing for expanded telehealth modalities were temporary—allowable during the ‘lock-down period largely through gubernatorial mandates—and have not been sustained. Furthermore, some states do not have regulatory environments supportive of telehealth in any way. Dissemination of research and data about telehealth, particularly during the pandemic, is important to support policy changes and adaptations of provider behavior so that teledentistry can be embraced more fully as a standard modality. This session will present evidence from providers, a large healthcare system, and a teledentistry call-center on the use of teledentistry before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.