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Foundations of Assessment-based Certificate Programs

Navigating the Course
In each module you will find online course and supporting resources. To launch the course, click on the title of the module and then click "Launch Course." A new window will open with the online course. 

To complete each module, you must pass the assessment. 

You can go back at any time to re-access the content during your access period.

About the Course
This online course provides staff and volunteers basic knowledge and good practices for developing and administering an assessment-based certificate program.

Module 1: Certificate vs. Certification – Making the Business Decision

  • Define assessment-based certificate programs
  • Differentiate attendance-based, participation-based, and assessment-based certificate programs.
  • Identify the differences between certificate programs and certification.
  • Identify factors an organization might weigh when considering whether or not to develop a certificate program
  • List and describe the key elements of the ANSI/ICE 1100 Standard for assessment-based certificate programs. 
Module 2: Getting Started – Program Design and Structure
  • List critical considerations in creating an ABC. 
  • Define job analysis and identify its role in instructional design, in general, and standing up an ABC, in particular.
  • Recognize how job analysis factors into ACAP.
Module 3: Adult Learning and Instructional Design
  • Define instructional design,and identify why it matters to ABCs.
  • List and describe ABC-relevant instructional design theories and delivery methodologies.
  • Recognize how instructional design factors into an accredited ABC program.
  • Describe the role of an Instructional Designer in ABC development.
  • Determine the best design and delivery methods for your ABC program.
Module 4: Assessment and Measurement Principles
  • Describe the role of assessments in ABCs.
  • Understand what is required by the accreditation standards for assessments.
  • List the characteristics of a good ABC assessment.
  • Identify critical considerations that should be addressed when building assessments for ABCs.
  • Describe generally accepted assessment and measurement concepts and principles.
  • Describe the application of sound assessment and measurement principles.
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