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INFORMS Video Learning Center

We are pleased to provide on-demand access to key presentations from INFORMS renowned meetings and conferences. Presentations in the library include plenary and keynote addresses, Daniel H. Wagner Prize competition, and the Franz Edelman Award competition.

These presentations are open access and do not require a log in. However, if you would like to take advantage of increased functionality such as sharing the videos with friends on social networking sites, rating and commenting on the videos, and bookmarking your viewing progress so you can stop and return later to where you left off, you must create a user profile and/or log in.

We hope these presentations, complete with slides and questions and answers, inspire and help you navigate changes in the marketplace, develop strategies for excellence in operations research, and manage your practice or career.

We know that not everyone can attend INFORMS meetings and conferences. We provide this member benefit of on-demand web presentations to assist with your lifelong learning needs.

INFORMS grants full permission for use of the videos for non-commercial class room and corporate use. For other questions or comments, contact Mary Leszczynski, Design and Brand Manager at INFORMS. Videos are open access to view but you must log in or create a user profile to take advantage of rating, commenting, sharing, and bookmarking.

On-Demand Events