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Trauma, Addiction and Wellness: A Lawyer’s Every Day Guide to Wellness Every Day

Learn how trauma can impact your practice.

The impact of trauma on people who provide service (you) to those who suffer from trauma (your clients) is a downside to practicing law, and exposure to traumatic stories can lead to serious mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. While not all legal professionals turn to substance use as a means of coping, many do. Practicing the law with professionalism requires that attorneys be healthy and are able to engage in good decision-making.

Leave with proactive and positive steps you can take for handling mental health and substance abuse issues as you continue to conduct the difficult and important work of representing your clients with professionalism and changing their lives for the better.


  • Recognize what trauma can look like in yourself and others
  • Discover how administrative practices and office cultures can support or
    hinder attorney wellness
  • Develop skills to help de-escalate emotional reactions and trauma
  • identify steps you can take to help others and engage in self-care


Members: $30
Non-members: $45 

CLE Eligibility:

Our programs are now approved for CLE in Pennsylvania! We report participation once a month to PACLE; if you have any questions, please contact us.

Our on-demand programs are not pre-approved for CLE in other jurisdictions because we can’t know in advance which jurisdictions participants will be from, and because becoming pre-approved in every jurisdiction is cost-prohibitive. However, all our courses are designed in such a way that they meet the requirements of most CLE bodies; participants should be able to receive credit when self-reporting* in their jurisdiction. Check your state bar's website for details; more information is available in each course.

*Texas does not allow attorneys to self-report for online programs; we are working on a way to get our programs approved in Texas.