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CLE "Eligible" Programs: Self-Reporting and Pre-Approved Jurisdictions

CLE Eligibile:

We consider our programs “CLE Eligible” which means that, while they may not be "pre-approved" by a particular bar association or jurisdiction, they are designed to meet the requirements of most CLE bodies We strive to offer high-quality educational programming that should allow for an attorney to self-report and receive credit hours.

Our on-demand programs are generally not pre-approved for CLE because we can’t know in advance which jurisdictions participants will be from, and because becoming pre-approved in every jurisdiction is cost-prohibitive. However, we do try to accredit them in states where attorneys can NOT self-report.

Each educational offering includes:

  • Substantive content developed in conjunction with attorneys and judges.
  • All video presentations are equipped with the ability to track attendance and attention.
  • An assessment or assignment to measure both comprehension and attention.
  • An evaluation which gives every participant the opportunity to provide feedback, measure their satisfaction and notify us of errors or outdated information.
  • A certificate issued to the attendee at the end of the program.
  • A program-specific document that includes a description, agenda and bios (if relevant) is provided for each course.
These aspects are usually what is looked for or reviewed when a program goes through the CLE approval process. However, every jurisdiction is different. If there is something your jurisdiction requires that we have not provided, please let us know and we will do our best to comply and assist you with the approval process; do not hesitate to contact us.

No Self-Reporting Allowed

Some jurisdictions do not allow attorneys to self-report for online programs.
  • We are a pre-approved distance learning provider in Pennsylvania
    • We are also eligible to report on behalf of Inns - contact us for more info!
  • We are a pre-approved provider in Texas
  • We are a pre-approved provider in Tennessee
  • We are a pre-approved provider in Nevada
  • Our on-demand programs are accredited in Louisiana.
  • We are working on:
    • Georgia
    • Kansas
    • Minnesota
    • Mississippi
    • Ohio