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Legal Diversity: Ageism, the Law Firm, and the New Lawyer

course overview:

More and more students are taking less traditional paths on their way through law school; not every “new" lawyer is a “young" lawyer. So how can the modern practice of law leverage the rich work experiences of older graduates while balancing against their relative inexperience in their new profession? What considerations can create a productive environment that is welcoming to all and also good for business?

This course discusses this trend and its impact upon the legal community. It explores how to leverage professionals who bring a fresh view of legal practice and a wealth of knowledge in business, government, or other industries to today’s legal community.

Whether you are a career-reinventor coming to the practice of law late in life, or part of a firm or organization searching for ways to infuse new life, ideas and perspective into the changing legal landscape, you'll gain a different way of viewing what people can bring to the table or offer one another.



  • How candidates can most effectively highlight their previous career experience
  • Questions both parties can ask during interviews to address worries or concerns
  • Onboarding the career-reinventor with an eye towards leveraging experience
  • Ways both parties can integrate into a multi-generational space

CLE Eligibility

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