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National Conversation on Civility: Mandating Civility—Yes or No?

Civility—or lack thereof—is a hot button issue in the legal profession. Civility is the stuff of professional creeds, firm handbooks, and courtroom procedures. It is a cornerstone of the American Inns of Court and other legal organizations. Some states—Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and Michigan – are mandating civility as a requirement for practicing law in that jurisdiction. Is this going too far? This course encourages you to be part of the ongoing conversation:

  • Should civility be mandated?
  • How can civility be mandated?
  • Doesn't requiring and policing civility interfere with advocacy?
  • What are the consequences of policing civility in the legal profession?

Hon. Barbara M. G. Lynn
Chief United States District Judge
U. S. District Court, Northern District of Texas

David A. Grenardo

Professor of Law
St. Mary’s University School of Law

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