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Right of Way Negotiation and Acquisition (R/W-NAC) Specialty Certification Capstone Exam Study Guide (U.S.)

This study guide has been provided to assist you in your preparation for the R/W-NAC Capstone Exam. Typically, the Capstone Exam is based on several IRWA courses that are applicable to a specific right of way discipline. This Study Guide focuses on the content from the following beginning level IRWA courses:

     • Course 102 – Elevating Your Ethical Awareness
     • Course 200 – Principles of Real Estate Negotiation
     • Course 800 – Principles of Real Estate Law
     • Course 900 – Principles of Real Estate Engineering

You should also review IRWA Courses 802, 901, and 902.

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Your goal is to successfully pass the Capstone Exam with a score of a 75% or better and receive your specialty discipline certification, which will help differentiate you from other right of way and infrastructure professionals. You are encouraged to use this study guide, review the course materials, and make additional study notes that will aid your preparation for the Capstone Exam. White space has been provided for you to include your additional study notes, respond to the exercises, incorporate ways to recall details, and create your own practice exam.

Study Plan
You have been provided with a study plan (Appendix 3), which provides an overview of the different learning styles, and tips and techniques to help you study and embed the learning for long-term retention. Ultimately, you are responsible for your learning and success in passing the Capstone Exam.

Practice Exam
You are provided with a 75-question Practice Exam to complete once you have completed an in-depth review of the Study Guide. Initially, you may want to complete the Practice Exam in Appendix 1 using your course manuals, this Study Guide, and your notes. When you are ready, you can also take the Practice Exam online as many times you would like on IRWA University and immediately receive your scores once you have submitted responses to all the questions.