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What’s New in ITE’s Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition

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Webinar Description:
The webinar presents the key elements of ITE’s Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition. The topics covered include an overview of the significantly expanded database including person, walk, bicycle, transit, motor vehicle, and truck trip generation and characteristics associated with an individual development site or land use. Also covered is a description of the expanded database including new and reclassified land uses as well as the addition of several land use subcategories (e.g., shopping plazas with/without a supermarket, medical-dental office building within/outside a hospital campus, multifamily housing within/outside proximity to a rail transit station). An overview of the updated features of the ITETripGen web app will also be presented to help the analyst access trip generation data plots and supplemental trip generation materials more quickly and easily.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall the new elements and format of the Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition including the new and updated land uses
  • Explain how to estimate person, walk, bicycle, transit, motor vehicle and truck trip generation for multiple land uses
  • Discuss the use of ITETripGen web app to create multi-modal trip generation data plots and statistics and access supplemental materials
  • Discuss the use of ITETripGen web app to filter data by mode, age of data, region, and size of independent variable


  • Kevin Hooper, P.E., Strategic Projects | Institute of Transportation Engineers

    Kevin Hooper is under contract with ITE to manage Strategic Projects. He led the development and release of Trip Generation Manual, 11h Edition and Parking Generation Manual, 5th Edition. As a consultant in his home state of Maine, he maintains the Portland Region travel demand model and recently developed a statewide model.

  • Lisa M. Fontana Tierney, P.E., Traffic Engineering Senior Director | Institute of Transportation Engineers

October 19, 2021
Tue 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 30M

This live web event has ended.

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