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Retaining eCommerce Consumer Loyalty in a Post-Pandemic World


The Coronavirus pandemic is completely changing the nature of eCommerce. Traditional in-store shoppers are being forced to buy online for the first time and even the buying behaviors of returning customers are transforming. As a result, merchants are investing more heavily than ever into the digital channel. How can merchants better understand these new eCommerce shoppers and retain their loyalty post-lockdown?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify these new eCommerce shoppers and their unique and evolving buying behaviors
  2. Discuss methods to adapt outdated rules-based systems for detecting fraud What have we learned about their shopping behaviors during lockdown that can be leveraged to retain them in this channel?
  3. Implement strategies to reduce friction during checkout and improve customer satisfaction


  • Emilie Grunzweig | Director of Insights - Riskified

    Emilie joined Riskified shortly after the company was founded, and grew within the company first as a fraud analyst, to her current role of Director of Insights. Emilie researches CNP fraud patterns, online shopping behavior and analyzes order data to identify compelling stories and distill actionable fraud management insights. Emilie is enthusiastic about the changes in the online & digital commerce industries in different geographies and cultures. Prior to Riskified, Emilie worked as a media correspondent & editor in national Israeli media outlets. She is a graduate of Political Science and Management from Tel Aviv University.

  • Julia Millot | Content Writer - Riskified

    As a Content Writer at Riskified, Julia creates narratives around fraud by leveraging data insights and industry trends. Prior to joining Riskified, she held senior analyst and content strategist positions at Nielsen, 1010data and Hitwise. Julia received a BSBA in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.