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Cryptocurrency Landscape Analysis: The Merchant Community’s Power of Acceptance

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Cryptocurrencies can be categorized into three major groups: i) non-stable tokens, ii) stable tokens pegged to US Dollar and iii) inflation-protected stable token pegged to price index. Through comparative analysis, American CryptoFed will outline the entire cryptocurrency landscape, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each category and individual token, and reach the conclusion that the inherent power in the merchant community’s currency and payments acceptance has the potential to shape the future path of cryptocurrency.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Making sense of the general landscape of cryptocurrencies
  2. Establishing analysis framework for evaluating cryptocurrency
  3. Selecting cryptocurrency from merchant community’s perspective
While all merchant members are welcome, the webinar will be especially helpful for: 
  • CFO / VP of Treasury
  • VP / Director of Payments/Strategy
  • CTO / VP/Director of Technology


  • Marian Orr | CEO - American CryptoFed

    Marian Orr was elected the first female of Wyoming’s capital city, Cheyenne, in 2016. Prior to serving in office, she was a seasoned lobbyist for over 20 years, representing organizations including the Wyoming Retail Merchants Association and the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association on both state and national issues. With deep Wyoming roots, Marian was raised in Casper, WY where her family owned a well-established family-owned department store. She is a graduate of the University of Wyoming. She joined the team now recognized as American CryptoFed as CEO in January, 2021.

  • Scott Moeller | American CryptoFed

    Scott is a Chief Executive with 20+ years of experience in eCommerce, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, & Digital Assets.

    Current focus is on implementing blockchain technology with nobel prize winnning economic theories to innovate a new payment and digital identity ecosystem. It's now possible to enable a free flow of commerce and also recognize the individual’s right to their sovereign identity in this digital world.

    "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -Buckminster Fuller

  • David Tcheau | American CryptoFed

    David Tcheau is the Chief Control Engineer at American CryptoFed with a focus on sustainable payment ecosystem control methods involving machine learning and linear control theory. David has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from UCLA and additionally works in the Aerospace and Defense Industry with a special focus on algorithm engineering for complex payloads.        

  • Zhou Xiaomeng | American CryptoFed

    Zhou Xiaomeng, COO, MSHIFT Inc, with experience in running business as a founding member of a public company and education in mechanical engineering, economics and political science, has led MSHIFT to survive the turbulence of IT dot-com bubble, turn it into a pioneer in mobile banking, create a patented and commercially deployed mobile payment system, and innovate an autonomous and decentralized crypto monetary system, American CryptoFed, for a zero inflation and zero deflation economy.

June 23, 2021
Wed 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.