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How to Marry Open Banking and Bill Pay

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Most Americans pay their phone and utility bills using direct debit. This friction-heavy, tedious process requires consumers to copy and paste account and routing information from their bank’s website or mobile app. On top of this, to maintain compliance and abide by regulations, many businesses require customers to verify their account details via micro-deposits or a bank statement submission before they can be successfully onboarded. This can often be a days-long, onerous onboarding process prone to human error.

Open Banking simplifies the bill pay, onboarding, and recurring payment process by enabling merchants to use real-time account, transaction, and balance data to quickly verify a user’s account and provide the merchant with valuable insights into the financial health of their customers. In this session, learn how Open Banking technology can be leveraged to make onboarding, bill pay, and ongoing risk management more seamless.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Provide the audience with an understanding of the current state of bill pay and how it can be modernized with Open Banking.
  2. Inform the audience of Open Banking use cases within bill pay including onboarding, payment initiation, account verification, and risk management.
  3. Real-life application of Open Banking within Bill Pay with Verizon.
Please Note, this webinar is for current MAG Merchant Members.


  • Nate Marquiss | Head of Financial Services & FinTech - Trustly Inc.

    Nate Marquiss, Head of Financial Services, has been focused on developing and selling payment and money movement related technology solutions and strategies to leading companies around the world for more than 15-years. Working for companies like First Data, MoneyGram, Wirecard North America - formerly Citi Prepaid and now Trustly, Nate has focused on collaboration and being an adviser within financial services for lenders, banks and FinTech companies to help identify opportunities for emerging payment solutions, payment strategy, developing new innovation and synergies with collaborative partners. Nate was the co-founder of two fintech companies, and graduated with both a Masters of Business Administration, as well as an B.S. in Advertising from Northwest Missouri State University. Nate has been with Trustly since 2020.

  • Attie Muse | Director Payment Strategy - Verizon

    A 28-year veteran in the Telecommunications industry with wide-ranging Fraud & Risk Management, Payment Processing and Strategy experience, Attie started with Alltel and transitioned to Verizon in 2011. Carrying a passion for payments, Attie has led various teams across all lines of business delivering value proportionate to Verizon’s dynamic culture. Attie currently leads the Bill to Cash Payment Strategy & Operations team which includes payment strategy, payment project management, testing, production support and payment fraud for all lines of Verizon business. As the Head of Payment Strategy and Operations, Attie and her team notably implemented a payment fraud tool across all ecommerce venues and payment tenders, driving $320M+ in annual savings.

    Recently recognized as one of the 2022 Most Influential Women in Payments, Attie seizes any opportunity to influence change and encourage broader customer payment solutions; carefully balancing costs and risks to the business.

    Attie is a member of the MAG (Merchant Advisory Group), MRC (Merchant Risk Council), Faster Payments Council, TCH Real Time Payments Corporate Advisory Group, Visa North America Executive Risk Council, and WAVE (Women’s Association of Verizon Employees).

May 24, 2023
Wed 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 0M

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