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DWIHN/MI-AIMH - Ethical Considerations when Providing Infant Mental Health Services to Infants, Toddlers, and their Families

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Infant and early childhood mental health home professionals use the therapeutic relationship to promote family growth and change. Relationship-based work, the intimacy of the home, and the presence of a very young child can, in combination, blur the boundaries between the practitioner’s professional and personal responses and can add complexity to the identification of ethical issues. Central to our work and critical to assessing and understanding ethical and boundary issues is a cultural- and diversity-informed lens. This training will integrate this lens throughout our exploration of ethics, ethical theory, and ethical decision-making within infant mental health work.

This training will include discussion of ethical theory and ethical decision-making frameworks with a focus on cultural considerations and real-world experiences. A case example will be used to bring the content to life by integrating theory and practice through case presentation and small group discussions.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define “professional ethics” and “professional boundaries” as related to therapeutic work with infants and families.
  • Explain the importance of integrating culture within our understanding of ethical and boundary issues.
  • List at least two unique perspectives related to infant mental health practice that could impact the clarity of professional boundaries.
  • List at least two ethical principles listed in the MI-AIMH code of ethics.
  • List two ways to ensure ethical practice within infant mental health work.
  • Identify the connection between an understanding of culture and enhanced work with infants and families
    Examine how cultural beliefs and practices can lead to ethical dilemmasExplore how to engage in sensitive conversations about race and culture Examine how to move forward with a family when there is a cultural disconnect 

September 28, 2022
Wed 9:00 AM EDT

Duration 7H 0M

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