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Reflective Supervision & Practice Symposium - Honoring Our Ways of Being

Reflective Supervision & Practice Symposium:
Honoring Our Ways of BeingVirtual Symposium

This two-day virtual symposium will offer opportunities for participants to reimagine the reflective process. Mindfulness, presence, and reflective practice is unique to each individual; this symposium will help participants learn about their own ways of being through self-chosen break out rooms, activities, discussions, and panels. There will be space for exploration of embodied reflective practice through mind, body and spirit. You are welcome here as you are.

These training hours qualify as “Training on the Provision of Reflective Supervision” for Endorsement Requirements, as supervisors will learn key ways to provide more inclusive Reflective Supervision.

Intended Audience: This training will benefit infant and early childhood professionals, policy leaders and administrators who want to learn more about the practice of Reflective Supervision. This space has been intentionally created for attendees to individualize their reflective “path” through use of virtual breakout rooms. At present time, we are not planning to record any of this event to ensure comfort levels for those presenting and sharing. Those IECMH professionals working outside of Michigan are welcome!

Dates, Times (Eastern Time Zone) and Speakers:

Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th, 2023
9:00 am - 1:00 pm ~ both days

**If you are outside of Michigan, please note these times are in the Eastern Time Zone.

MI-AIMH would like to thank the Professional Development Committee for planning the 2023 Symposium. The thoughtful and intentional contributions of this group will enhance the attendee's experience this year. We appreciate all of you, your hard work and dedication!

NEW This Year:
  • Registration is OPEN to those professionals working outside of Michigan!
  • Attendees will receive several resources curated specifically for reflective practice.
  • SCECH continuing education is provided (along with Social Work, Counselor & Endorsement Hours)

Keynote Presentation

Who & How We Are:
Creating & Cultivating Reflective Supervision Consultation Space
with Danielle Rice, LMSW, MSA, IMH-E®, PhD Candidate
Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical
This presentation will delve into the connections between our intersecting social identities and their influence on our values, beliefs, privileges, experience, and the ways we engage in reflective practice. These factors play a significant role in shaping our interactions with others and those we offer support to. As the IECMH field continues to grow and calls for a more diverse knowledge base and reimagine the ways we engage in reflective supervision, this presentation will explore the foundational roots of RSC, and explore non-dominant ways of being in the reflective space. This presentation will encourage participants to dive deep into their earliest experiences of reflection and consider how it shapes their current practice. The session will emphasize the importance of self-regulation and well-being, exploring practical strategies and tools for professionals to consider integrating within the RSC space.

We are excited to share some new aspects this year to reflect the evolving field of Reflective Supervision:
  • A new aspect this year is supervisors and supervisees are both encouraged to attend this symposium. It is important that supervisees feel empowered to share with their supervisor what feels good to them in supervision (and what doesn't) and learn more about different ways of being within reflective supervision/ practice.

  • This training will benefit infant and early childhood professionals who have not received Reflective Supervision and want to learn more about the practice of Reflective Supervision. Professionals from all scopes of practice are encouraged to attend (infant/toddler classroom educators, early intervention, Policy Leaders, Administrators, Home Visitors, Medical providers, Child Welfare, and more). This space has been intentionally created for attendees to individualize their reflective “path” through use of virtual breakout rooms.

  • The Supervisee Experience Panel: Reflective supervision is a relationship for learning. This panel will amplify the voice of supervisees and offer participants the opportunity to learn from the supervisee perspective. The panel will feature professionals across disciplines who are receiving reflective supervision/consultation. Panelists will explore their experiences in RSC, challenges, ways in which they advocate for their needs and which aspects of Reflective Supervision have been meaningful to them. This session is meant to provoke consideration and discussion about the needs of supervisees and explore what specific tools could help supervisors attend more effectively to the needs of supervisees.

  • EVERY registered attendee will receive a small package via US Mail with items to encourage reflection individually or within a Reflective Supervision/Consultation Relationship. The Professional Development Committee considered items with differing elements that allow participants to practice different ways of being.

  • Attendees will select Breakout Rooms to participate in conversation about integrating different ways of being into their reflective practice, leaning into areas that might be new or challenging at times.

  • Woven throughout the two days are opportunities to select and practice non-dominant ways of reflection (Use of music and/or movement, integration of body and breathwork, journaling and more.)

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to increase interpersonal insight and self-awareness of implicit biases and social context to deepen the interpersonal reflective dyad.
  2. Participants will recognize the value added to reflective supervision and consultation when participants can access diverse, non-dominant, culturally relevant sources of knowledge.
  3. Participants will have increased knowledge about how reflective practice can look differently and that there is not one way to be reflective in practice.
  4. Participants will be supported in navigating differences in supervisor/supervisee relationships.
  5. Participants will have increased knowledge about the ways in which reflective supervisors can help create space for supervisees to make needs/wants known.
  6. Participants will be empowered to speak up for their needs within Reflective Supervision.
  7. Participants will have increased knowledge about the benefits of Reflective Supervision/Reflective Practice.
  8. Participants will have increased knowledge about the ways our social identities influence the ways we engage in reflective practice.
  9. Participants will practice different reflective ways of being.
  10. Participants will be supported on reflecting on Reflective Supervision and Reflective Practice through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive lens.
  11. Participants will observe and understand the benefits of Reflective Supervision for all professionals working with or on behalf of 0-6 year olds.

Key MI-AIMH Competencies: Reflective supervision; Cultural competence; Self-awareness; Parallel process; Resolving conflict; Curiosity; Emotional response, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Empathy and Compassion

These training hours qualify as “Training on the Provision of Reflective Supervision” for Endorsement Requirements, as supervisors will learn key ways to provide more inclusive Reflective Supervision.

Continuing Education Information - # training hours: 7.0
  • Social Work - Approved for # Michigan SW CEU’s
  • IMH Endorsement® - Will count towards the requirements for the MI-AIMH Endorsement®Licensed Professional. These training hours qualify as “Training on the Provision of Reflective Supervision” for Endorsement Requirements, as supervisors will learn key ways to provide more inclusive Reflective Supervision.
  • SCECHs - This series offers State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) for those with educator certification in Michigan. To receive SCECHs, you will need to have provide your PIC and MiRegistry numbers when you created your MI-AIMH RELATE User Account. If you did not add those items you can go back to add those items or email to have those added. These MUST be added PRIOR to the start of this event. In order to receive SCECHs, individuals must also have a MiRegistry account. If you need to create an account to go and click on Create Account. There is a video and guide on the Resources tab as well:
  • Counselors - NBCC Hours - Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH) has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No.6867. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. MI-AIMH is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.
  • NOTE - Certificates will only be available after you have completed the symposium survey and assignment within this system.

Registration Process and Fees
Registration Fees:
  • Professionals - $125
  • Current Students - $50
*Students must provide valid student ID, email to
Registration deadline: July 24, 2023.
Note - registrants will receive items in the mail ~ sent to the address in your profile. Anyone that registers after July 14th might receive their items after the event based on the USPS system.

Cancellation policy: Notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing no later than 4 days prior to the event for a refund to be issued. Refund requests must be made in writing to

Payment Options:
The only accepted payment option is via Credit Card: Visa, AMEX, Discover and Master Card. After you have registered and paid, you will receive an email receipt for your purchase and a separate email for your confirmation. Please check your junk/spam folders if you do not see those emails.
  1. Individuals must have a MI-AIMH RELATE User Account, if you do not have an account, you can easily create one - Click on SIGN UP in the top right corner to create an account.
  2. If you already have an account - Click on the ADD TO CART button below to register - this will register you for both days.
  3. If you do not see an ADD TO CART button - you are likely not signed in - click the Sign In link at the top right of your screen
  4. TIP - Your name will show in the top right corner when you are signed in
  5. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email for each individual day with the ability to add the training dates to your calendar
  6. Questions about registration? Please email
Access and Participation: Once you have registered for the symposium you will receive a confirmation email with a "join" button to use the day of the training. You will be able to add each individual day to your calendar with access the zoom link. Attendees must keep their video on for the majority of the training as part of the requirement for CEC's. If you need to have your video muted for longer than 15-minutes, please reach out to the MI-AIMH host during the training via chat. If you have any questions, please email