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On-Demand: Explorations in Development with Dr. Jennifer Bellamy

Training Title
Creating Space for Fathers in Early Childhood Programs & Practices

Research consistently reaffirms the benefits of positive fathering for children’s wellbeing and development across a range of domains ranging from education to behavioral and physical health. Likewise fathers’ engagement in early childhood programs and practices has the potential to boost the benefits of interventions for families and extend positive outcomes for children. Despite the benefits, father engagement is challenging as well. This interactive talk will begin with an overview of the research on the benefits of positive fathering and father engagement in early childhood programs and practices. Next, common barriers to father engagement will be explored, including changes over time in father inclusion in both broad services as well as those focused specifically on serving fathers. Finally, evidence-supported fatherhood programs and strategies will be described, including practical tips for participants.

Jennifer Bellamy, MSW, PhD

Training Video Length: 164 minutes

Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast historical and current father engagement in child family services and research including promising future work.
  2. Link common barriers to father engagement to specific strategies to address those barriers.
  3. Identify “next steps” for father engagement in their own work.
Suggested Audience: Social workers, educators, and any other professionals working with children & families

Content Level: Beginning level courses introduce learners to a content area; include information about a condition, treatment method, or issue; and involve learning and comprehending content.

Continuing Education Information - 2.5 training hours:
Social Work - Approved for 2.5 Michigan SW CEU’s
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MI-AIMH Endorsement Competencies: Attachment, separation, trauma & loss; Cultural Humility; Self-awareness; Program Management; Family relationships & dynamics; Program Development

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