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Core Curric:Foundation-Culturally Sensitive Relationship-focused IMH Practice

This training is sponsored generously by the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWHN).
Therefore, only those individuals employed by a Detroit Wayne Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health program are allowed to register.


This course will guide participants through relationship-based therapeutic practice through a variety of modalities, including, modeling, small group discussion, and didactic lecture.

NOTE: This is a hybrid series, some trainings will be in person and some will be virtual.

Day 1: Module 1 Relationship-Based Practice
Day 2: Module 2: Informal Assessment, Observation & Listening
Day 3: Module 3 Pregnancy, Early Parenthood & Typical Early Development (0-36 months)
Day 4: Module 4 Secure Attachment (0 – 36 months)
Day 5: Module 5 Atypical Development (0-36 months) & Formal Assessment
Day 6: Module 6 Insecure Attachment
Day 7: Module 7 Trauma, Separation, Grief & Loss

Day 8: Module 8 Focusing-in on Intervention/Relationship-based Strategies Supporting Infants: Intentional Use of Tools & Techniques – PART I
Day 9: Module 9 Focusing on Intervention/Relationship-based Strategies Supporting Infants: Intentional Use of Tools & Techniques – PART II
Day 10: Module 10 Reflective Supervision, Termination & Pulling It All Together

A little about the history of this Core Series:

This series has been offered many times over the last 7 years thanks to contracts, grants or sponsoring organizations.  We have successfully adapted this series to virtual learning that maintains sensitivity to the impact of culture and race, and continues to offer ample opportunity to share and think more deeply about our work, per feedback from recent cohort participants. The virtual adaptation also has allowed for easier commitment to this 10-month series because there is no travel and less time taken from other responsibilities.

Thanks to the Gerstacker Foundation and the Community Foundation of SE Michigan that supported the development, delivery and evaluation of the first series in 2015-17, the curriculum offers a strong foundation of IMH principles, practice, and intervention within the consistency of a community of practice cohort. It includes 9 total hours of group Reflective Supervision for participants (which can be counted on Endorsement® applications) as well as group exploration of 10 case vignettes. MI-AIMH is grateful to the team who initially developed this series including Alyssa Huth-Bocks, Ashley McCormick, Jan Ulrich, Judy Darling, Karol Wilson, and Sheryl Goldberg, as well as those who advised and reviewed! We have since expanded our Core Curriculum Series training team, allowing us to offer a consistent team of two trainers per cohort.
The initial training series was evaluated by Dr. Sarah Shea, IECMH-E® through Eastern
Michigan University and the results were very positive! Outcomes showed:

  • Participant’s theoretical and practice knowledge increased
  • Participants demonstrated an improved capacity to apply reflective practice skills
  • Participants experienced an increased sense of confidence specific to reflective practice skills
  • Participants reported use of the IMH strategies and skills in their home visiting practice
  • Participants reported greater confidence in their abilities to engage in relationship-based home visiting with infants, toddlers, and families

Suggested Participants:

Only those individuals employed by a Detroit Wayne Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health program are allowed to register. Home visitors or supervisors who have at least one case they are working with where the identified client is 0-6 years old. This series will be best for those who are NOT yet endorsed as an IMH Specialist (III). Ideally, attendees should have one-year work experience (as of March 1, 2024). Space is limited to 50 participants. Priority will be given to those who meet the requirements. Attendees MUST commit to attending ALL sessions to the best of their ability.

Training Materials:

This series has a very comprehensive curriculum with articles and training materials.  Additionally, the IMH Home Visitor's Manual is required to participate in the series. Click here if you need to purchase a Manual: Handouts will be available on MI-AIMH RELATE for all training days. Materials will not be printed out for virtual or live events, so if you would like printed handouts, please print on your own prior to the training.

Series 2024 Dates
Day 1 - Monday, March 11 - VIRTUAL
Day 2 - Friday, March 22 - VIRTUAL
Day 3 - Friday, April 12 - VIRTUAL
Day 4 - Friday, May 10 - VIRTUAL
Day 5 - Friday June 7 - IN PERSON
Day 6 - Friday June 28 - IN PERSON
Day 7 - Friday July 19 - IN PERSON
*hold July 26th as a back-up date - IN Person

Day 8 - Friday, August 16 - VIRTUAL
Day 9 - Friday, September 20 - IN PERSON
Day 10 - Friday, September 27 - IN PERSON
*Attendees are encouraged to attend all training days. This is a training series and each training builds upon the last.

Times (ET)
All training days will be from 9am-4pm with (two) 15-Minute breaks & and an hour for lunch.

Location for all IN-PERSON sessions
The Guidance Center's- Center for Excellence Building #2
13111 Allen Rd., Southgate, MI 48195
Room- Excellence Hall

Access for all VIRTUAL sessions:
You will log into your MI-AIMH RELATE account and click the "JOIN" button when you're ready. You can also access the links through your confirmation emails as well.

Kamilah Henderson, LMSW, IMH-E® & Danielle Davey, MSW, LMSW, IMH-E®

Continuing Education Information: 5.5 Clock Hours per session

Social Work - Approved for 5.5 Michigan SW CEU’s per session.
IMH Endorsement® - Will count towards the requirements for the MI-AIMH Endorsement®
Licensed Professional Counselors - NBCC Hours - Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH) has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No.6867. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. MI-AIMH is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Fees and Payment:

This training is FREE for those individuals that are IECMH professionals within DWIHN. Remember that your MI-AIMH RELATE profile must have DWIHN as one of your categories.

  1. Click on the ADD TO CART below - to purchase the course and you automatically be registered for all 10 training days.
  2. Finalize your FREE purchase to complete your training registration.
  3. Emails
    1. You will receive an individual confirmation email for each training day
    2. A reminder email 4 days before the first day of training
    3. A reminder email 1-hour before the training begins EACH day - this email will have a "JOIN" button for you to use that morning if it's a virtual training
Access and Participation for virtual sessions: You will be able to add the event to your calendar and access the zoom link there as well. In order to receive a certificate and/or Continuing Education. Attendees must keep their video on for the training as part of the requirement for CEC's. If you need to have your video muted for longer than 15-minutes, please reach out to the MI-AIMH host during the training via chat. If you have any questions, please email