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FUSION is the NAEP Engaging and Learning Hub for members to not only participate in Webinars, Town Hall Meetings, Workshops and other educational offerings, but to track involvement in NAEP

NAEP's education is built on the NAEP Competency Modeldesigned specifically for educational procurement professionals. It provides a framework detailing the necessary skills and abilities required to succeed now
and as the educational procurement landscape evolves. Check out the NAEP Competency Model at the bottom of the page. 

  NAEP PodcastsThe NAEP Podcasts are short in nature to share ideas, answer follow up questions, or prepare members 
                                  for relevant educational offerings.

NAEP Pulse E-NewsletterThe NAEP Pulse provides information on a weekly basis by leveraging micro deliverables into
macro educational strategy. 

Member ExchangeThe Member Exchange is the NAEP virtual bulletin board for members to connect with other members
                                    about topics relevant to your region, position, institution, career stage and other relevant topics.

Town HallsNAEP Town Hall meetings provide an alternative educational offering by allowing multiple presenters to
                                   share their stories in relation to a specific topic.

Webinars  Webinars are presentations in collaboration with a NAEP member, sponsor, or partner.

White PapersNAEP White Papers are reports on specific procurement related topics.

NAEp Competency Model  NAEP Competency Model