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On-Demand Analytics Institute: Tier 2

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On-Demand Analytics Institute: Tier 2
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Credit Hours
4.5 Hours
CEH can be earned individually and collectively. Upon the completion of the survey for each section, you will receive CEH for that part of the course. Upon completion of all sections and surveys as well as the course evaluation you will receive a Certification of Completion for the course stating the number of total hours completed. This method allows for you to earn CEH based on your individually needs prior to completing the entire course.
Learning Level
Tier 2 Intermediate
Course Description
The Analytics Institute is a deep dive tailored for the procurement professional who wants to turn their spend data into action. This Institute is available On-Demand so you can work through the 4 sections at your own pace, implementing into your organization as you work. The Analytics Institute focuses on the core competencies of Effective Performance, Communication and Strategic Agility.
Taking your career to the next level as a senior buyer, lead analyst, or manager? Looking to transition from management to leadership? This NAEP Tier is for you. These educational offerings are for mid-level professionals who have taken on more responsibility and want to enhance their understanding of educational procurement.

Course Overview
This On-Demand Course includes 4 Sections of focus. These sections are pre-recorded and available when you are! You can work through them at your own pace for up to a year.

Section 1: Analytics Landscape: Managing Spend
Content Contributors:
  • Michelle Smith, University of Pittsburgh

Section 2: Sources & Tools: Gathering and Preparing Data
Content Contributors:
  • Jesse Mader, Southern New Hampshire University

Section 3: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
Content Contributors:
  • Jesse Mader, Southern New Hampshire University

Section 4: Beyond Procurement: Analyzing the Results
Content Contributors:
  • Lauren Leonard, University of Pittsburgh

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