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Introduction to Move Management & Home Staging (OD1 -120)

Course Description:
The largest investment most people make in their lives is in their homes. Home Staging supports the best return on that investment for the homeowner.

Moving is a stressful life event for most people. In this course, you will learn how Move Management can be added to your professional services. We will discover how Home Staging can enhance the features of a home and support selling it faster and for more money.

Move Management and Home Staging together can be lucrative additions to your organizing service offering, while also helping your client through this major life event.

Learning Goal:
The learning goal for this project is to enable the attendees to learn what general Move Management and Home Staging projects entail. After attending this module the attendees will be able to understand who needs Move Management and Home Staging Services. We will define Move management and Home Staging and know the objectives of both. Attendees will be able to apply the basics of Move management and Home Staging to the benefit of their clients who are relocating.

Apply Project Management principles to a complex Move Management and Home Staging case study

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what a general Move Management project entails.
  2. Identify who needs Move Management services.
  3. Define Home Staging and understand the objective of Home Staging
  4. Apply the basics of Home Staging

Instructors: June Carter, Janet Schiesl
Time: 120 Minutes
CEUs: 2