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How to Communicate and Engage in a Remote Environment

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Interacting with, and relating to, your employees goes a long way in maintaining motivation and increasing productivity. Now that your team is working remotely, you may be worried about keeping that energy and synergy going strong. Rest assured; leadership principles have not changed; we’re just applying them in different ways. That’s why being able to tap into the specific hot and cold buttons of your staff, can be your greatest secret weapon as a manager.


  • Tonya DeVane

    Tonya DeVane joined The Omnia Group as a client advisor in September 2008. In her current capacity, Ms. DeVane helps professionals select top talent, manage more effectively and build high-performance teams using behavioral assessment tools/concepts. Tonya has provided guidance to hundreds of businesses in a wide range of industries, including insurance, financial services, automotive, staffing and healthcare. Before joining Omnia, Tonya worked for many years in retail management. She has trained and developed sales staff, conducted onsite workshops as well as led numerous webinars. She has over 15 years experience merging her business acumen and group facilitation skills with her ability to promote an all-inclusive, high-performing environment where clients embrace and leverage the team’s wheel house to achieve their full potential. She has a degree in Human Service Counseling and is certified in Human Resource Management.

August 4, 2021
Wed 1:00 PM CDT

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This live web event has ended.

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