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X - Chromate Removal, the Ins and Outs of Available Technologies

Estimated contact time: 1 hour

  • NGWA: 0.1 CEU (1 CEU = 10 hours)
  • Per state: Varies, see specific state recognition in description
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Program description:
Chromate is a potent carcinogen found in many potable water supplies at concentrations sufficient to require treatment. Options for treatment include both precipitation and ion exchange methods. In this workshop we will review the options and chemistry of both treatment methods including chemistry and chemical feed requirements, sizing, equipment footprints, labor, and changes in water composition resulting from treatment.

The workshop will also review several case histories for chromate treatment systems that are in operation that have switched from one form of treatment to another and the rationale behind changing methods.

State-specific CEU recognition:
  • Georgia Water Well Standards Advisory Council — 1 hour
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources — 1 CEU for well driller and pump installer
  • Louisiana Department of Natural Resources — 1 credit hour
  • Maryland State Board of Well Drillers — 1 credit hour
  • Minnesota Department of Health — 1 contact hour
  • Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality — 1 hour
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection — 1 CEP (in effect through 03-31-2023)
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board — 1 CEU
  • South Carolina Environmental Certification Board — 1 hour
  • South Dakota Water Rights Program — 1 CEC
  • Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation — 1 hour
  • Washington Department of Ecology — 0.5 CEUs
  • Wyoming State Engineer’s Office — 1 CPC