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Social Media 101

During this module, Michelle Scheuermann and Melissa Bachmann present the latest trends in Social Media marketing including focuses on:
  • How to stay in the rules and yet create valuable content for YouTube
  • Building an Instagram following through live streaming and Instagram stories
  • Using public-facing and private Facebook pages to drive sales
  • Creating a winning podcast that fits your exact demographic
  • Promoting events through social media and YouTube
  • Identifying and using analytics to improve your social media and YouTube approach
  • How to work with influencers to build your social media following
No matter where you are in your social media marketing journey, this course will help you clarify and narrow your focus, which in turn will increase your enjoyment of content production, increase your following and ultimately, increase sales.

Course Titles:
Social Media Quick Tips
Duration:  appx. 40 minutes)

YouTube 101
Duration:  appx. 40 minutes

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