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Premium Webinar Series: Mass Timber Structures - Application of codes and research (case studies)

Now available "on-demand"!

Live Webinar: May 26, 2022. This presentation will outline how the prescriptive code changes have helped adoption of mass timber structures as demonstrated through the increasing number of mass timber buildings approved and built. Additionally, the presentation will address how research and fire testing carried out in the US, Canada and globally can be applied as engineering solutions when the prescriptive code is not an option. Specific building case studies will be covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding how the IBC construction types are used.
  • Learn about the application of fire research for constructed buildings.
  • Understanding where the code may not provide all the details required for a building.
  • Learn about the design, approval and construction process for mass timber buildings.
David Barber

Professional Development Credit:

SFPE Members: $25
SFPE Non-members: $40

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