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Project Management for Today’s Information Professional

Information professionals increasingly take on the role of innovators, in addition to being content curators, all while keeping pace with the evolution of technology that has changed the way information centers, data centers and libraries operate. Information professionals respond to requests for information and take an active role in managing an organization’s information resources. So, what are the keys to successfully managing the day-to-day projects and initiatives?

In this three-part series on project management, hear real-world examples of how to successfully complete data management and technology-based projects on time and within budget, while meeting strategic and organizational goals. The series begins with a broad overview followed by subsequent sessions to drill down into project management specific for information professionals. Presenters share the keys to project management, helping participants be more effective in their current role and sharing the pitfalls to avoid.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the benefits of project management
  • Understand project management concepts, tools, and techniques
  • Gain an understanding of how to lead an information project from beginning to end
  • Learn how to leverage knowledge in project management to improve performance and for career advancement
  • Have a better understanding on how to talk to stakeholders throughout the project
Part One: Critical Components of Project Management
Part Two: Developing a Project Plan and Getting Everyone On Board
Part Three: Applying Project Management to the Real World (Library)