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Lessons Learned from Indexing Training

Since she started her career as a Metadata Analyst at the American Theological Library Association (Atla) in 2015, Su Hyeon Kang has seen the indexing environment change in many ways. In the past, there were more print copies than online journals, and the indexing work was done fully in the office. Training and guidance took place in person where help was available at any time. As all journals have now become available online, remote work has been gradually introduced at Atla, and this has brought about the need to change the method of training. In late 2018, the metadata team started reviewing and revising Atla indexing policies and procedures and realized there was a need for indexing standardization.

The new editorial guide has been used as a reference for training new staff since 2019. By the time the coronavirus pandemic began, the team was fully prepared to work from home. In this session, Sue Hyeon Kang will share her experience with indexing training that has been adapted in accordance with this technically evolving environment.

Presented by the SLA Taxonomy Community