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Training Now! Best practices for updating your training for faster learning

Registration Rates:

  • SOCAP Member: $99.00
  • Non-Member: $149.00
Presenter: Ronnas Caras, President, Caras Training

Session 1: Story-Based Learning

Training must be remembered in order to be utilized. Stories are an easy tool for creating meaningful and memorable learning experiences. In our first 1-hour webinar, participants will learn 3 ways to use stories to facilitate fast and long-term learning including:
  1. How to craft a single story that illustrates each of your training’s key learning points.
  2. How to place learners into a story and get them use the training’s key learning points.
  3. How to sing a story to introduce or wrap-up learning so it is never forgotten.
Session 2: Gamify Your Training
Speed and accuracy are essential for fluency in any call center task. Games help build these skills. In our 2nd 1-hour webinar, participants will learn about 3 game elements instructional designers are using to make instructor led or online learning more powerful. Topics include:
  1. How games make learning happen faster.
  2. How to make sure you design learning games instead of just time-wasters.
  3. Using the elements of timing, scoring, escalation and rewards to teach learners of all ages.
Session 3: Mirco-learning with Major Results
What if your half-day training was better taught in 15 minutes? Believe it or not, some topics lend themselves to quick bursts of learning. And contact centers are the perfect place for teaching this way. In our 3rd 1-hour webinar, participants will learn to construct micro-learning activities. Topics include:
  1. Theories that support micro-learning.
  2. How to identify the right learners and topics.
  3. Examples of micro-learning activities.
  4. How to use micro-learning to reinforce or advance skills.
Please note: In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must attend all three sessions, complete a course evaluation and pass a short assessment.