Admin is Ministry: Small Church Administration

This free small church administration series is made possible by The Church Network's endowment fund and a partnership with 
Admin is Ministry.

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Admin is Ministry. Why is administration important to the ministry in the local congregation.

Topics include:
  • Pastoral implication. Balancing pastor and administration.
  • Strategic implications. Planning and vision should work together.
  • Functional implications. After asking why questions, also ask the how questions.
  • Ministry as shepherd. Care of people but also equal care of the parish/flock/congregation.
  • Doing right things for right reasons. Transparency as a incentive for trust in stewardship of all things.
  • What is a charitable gift? Donor implications. Mission implications. Church implications. Deductibility implications.
  • Awareness of risk in the local congregation. Why do churches end up in court?
  • Resources shared, including the wealth of information available through The Church Network.
Context is geared for the smaller congregations who made need resources to help with knowing how to do administration.