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Biblical Counseling: Legal Considerations to Help Your Ministry Thrive

Biblical counseling programs serve a vital role in serving the community. However, there exist many pitfalls that could create unintended risks. This webinar provides you with the basic tools to strengthen your counseling program and seeks to give you the confidence to continue doing God’s work.

First, this webinar walks through ways to mitigate risk related to the key claims normally asserted against a church’s counseling program. These key areas include:
(1) clergy malpractice or negligent counseling;
(2) breach of confidentiality;
(3) sexual misconduct; and
(4) child abuse.

Second, the webinar emphasizes the importance of proper insurance and explains professional liability insurance for such counseling programs.

Third, this webinar highlights the crucial state law distinctions between:
(1) licensed professional counseling; and
(2) Christian, pastoral, and biblical counseling programs.
Certain measures must be actively taken and prohibited to avoid triggering mandatory compliance with a state’s licensed professional counseling laws.

Fourth, this webinar explores emerging legal trends (often anti-Christian) impacting Christian, pastoral, and biblical counseling programs and how to navigate them. Plus, every The Church Network webinar attendee and My Church Law Firm Annual Membership Plan (AMP) client shall receive free sample draft counseling and related documents. Come join us for the hour in support of your counseling ministry!