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Navigating AI's Legal Landscape: Discover the Future of Church Leadership

In an era where technology is reshaping the way we engage with the world, it's essential for churches to explore new avenues that align with their mission. Join Erika Cole, The Church Attorney® as she delves into the realm of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its legal implications for churches. How can church leaders effectively leverage AI to connect with an evolving society and a culture that's seeking new ways to engage? This webinar goes beyond the surface, not only acknowledging AI's vast potential, but also addressing the crucial legal and risk management facets. From harnessing AI for scripture research and sermon preparation to exploring its role in worship music and even holograms, Erika will guide us through the numerous opportunities AI presents, all while providing essential insights and cautions from a legal standpoint. As your church embraces innovation, be equipped with the knowledge to navigate AI's dynamic landscape.


This presentation qualifies for 0.1 CEU credit toward CCA certification and retention. Please refer to certification guidelines to insure you are in proper compliance for credit. After completing the course you will be offered a CEU request form to complete and make your request.

CPE credit is not available for e-lab programs.