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Good Board Function without Bored Function


with Vonna Laue

Board governance in the church carries with it certain responsibilities. Church leadership is realizing more the need for engaged and educated board members that have not only a ministry mind but also various skill sets to be able to help the church grow and meet the ever-changing responsibilities we have in society as an organization and an employer. 

In this seminar, we will discuss the following topics:
•What are the overall responsibilities of our governing board?
•What committees are needed or useful to help us accomplish our goals?
•What are the functions of the individual committees?
•What types of board members should we seek?
•What training or education should we provide our board members?
•What resources are available for the church and individual board members?

CEU Information

This presentation qualifies for 0.1 CEU credit toward CCA certification and retention. Pleaserefer to certification guidelines to ensure you are in proper compliance for credit. After completing the course submit a CEU request form to complete and make your request.

CPE credit is not available for e-lab programs.