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Over the Road Transportation of Flammable Liquids

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Course Overview - New Course - Released July 2022
The Over the Road Transportation of Flammable Liquids course is designed for emergency responders to better understand the properties and common uses of flammable liquids, be able to identify the presence and type of flammable liquid using placards, understand the risks and potential outcomes associated with a flammable liquid incident, and determine appropriate defensive and offensive actions

This video is for informational and educational purposes only. TRANSCAER® and the organizations involved in the development of this video do not make any representation or warranties with respect to certifying you or your department. As a responder you must only respond to incidents within your scope of training, and there is likely the need for additional training that is beyond the scope of this video. Never respond to an incident that is outside of your training level, or if you do not have the appropriate personal protective equipment or response capability.

Course Length: Approximately 1 hour (course content, assessment, and survey)