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101 Ways to Clear a Judgment - 219280

101 Ways to Clear a Judgment

This session will explain the many ways a judgment lien can be eliminated from your title work in a variety of contexts, including: statute of limitations, the “nonidentity affidavit,” forms of tenancy, the rule in Mona v. Cranston, foreclosure, bankruptcy, decedents estates (testate and intestate), tax sales, the purchase money mortgage doctrine, judgments in favor of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia, foreign judgments, criminal judgments, judgments paid but unreleased, judgments for $20 or less, short sales and judgments on appeal.


Kevin T. Pogoda, Esq.
Kevin is a graduate from the University of California at Berkeley with degrees in Rhetoric (honors) and Legal Studies (high honors). Kevin completed his law school education at the University of Santa Clara School of Law. After law school, he worked in several firms located in New Jersey, Virginia and the District of Columbia. While in private practice, Kevin’s experience included SEC compliance, Indian gaming law, commercial litigation, labor and employment law, and not-for-profit litigation. He has taken and passed the bar exams for California, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. In 1998, Kevin began his career as a settlement attorney at a prominent settlement company located in Annandale, Virginia. While in that position, he performed approximately 3,000 settlements and focused on 1031 Exchanges and resolving title issues. Kevin regularly speaks before various groups in the real estate industry, including attorneys, title agents and realtors. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys playing scrabble and reading books on word and phrase origins.

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