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Virginia Land Title Association

Since its formation in 1974, Virginia Land Title Association has worked to protect the land title industry in Virginia. Amid the changing regulations and the ups and downs of the market, VLTA has stood by its members to offer high-quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy. We stand for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property. A home is likely the largest investment any individual will make in his or her lifetime, and by ensuring accurate searches, promoting fair and professional closings, and supporting important insurance coverages, VLTA protects Virginia's consumers...and the American Dream.

The Virginia Land Title Institute is a unique online training portal designed exclusively for Virginia title insurance professionals. VLTA members have access to a wide variety of continuing education. New professionals will find a vast array of resources for industry training and preparation. Be sure to inquire about all-inclusive VLTA membership to access our complete catalog for free!

Continuing Education credits for Virginia Title Insurance license holders must be submitted within ten days of the course completion date. Credits are submitted manually. VLTA will pull a report every 10 days. This report will list the courses completed by individuals. CE credits are submitted if a Virginia License Number is listed in the VLTA profile. If a Virginia License Number is not listed, we visit the SCC website to check. We have added many Virginia License Numbers and National Producer Number CE IDs to profiles, we hope you are checking your profile and CE transcript to make sure your information is correct. You can check your CE transcript on the Sircon website, click here.