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Off Record Title Issues - 219353

Off Record Title Issues
The goal in this course is to make you rethink the approach you take to research titles. We discuss off record title issues because our customers and our businesses have an interest in accurately identifying owners of land and the various interest in that land. Anything the owner has done to the land potentially affects our work and what can be done by future owners of that land. Did they allow others to use the land, utilize the property as security for loans, agree to convey certain rights to others, extract resources, improve the property, bring in utilities such as water, electricity, gas and sewer, sell portions of the land or give it to others (gifts), make dramatic changes in use (farm to manufacturing), place it in trust for others, try to preserve structures, uses or views? Even extremely personal or seemingly private actions such as marriage, name changes, the birth of children, divorce, adoption, the death of loved ones, estate planning and the death of an owner, have implications. Kevin brings his unique perspective to the issue of off record title issues that will make you think about how you look at the title you research in the future.

Chad Perrine, WFG National Title Insurance Company